The importance of Identity Data

  • According to Symantec and MessageLabs 3 out of 4 emails sent are just spam.
  • 98% of frauds and security issues come from unwanted emails.
  • Phishing and spoofing crimes have been growing in recent years affecting 7 million victims each year some 13.2 victims every single minute.

Did you know spammers use public databases like the Public Whois Database to obtain data and
e-mails in an unauthorized fashion?

Worldwide email and spam distribution by geographical zone

The Solution: NicLine´s Whois Privacy service

Today ICANN Rules and Regulations require data from domain Holders to be visible and authentic.  This rule´s basic goal is to allow individuals to contact domain Holders to be able to perform operations such as domain registrar transfers, Holder changes,...
NicLine´s got the solution – An Identity Protection Service to conceal the Holder data and/or any contact data associated to a given domain through our Virtual Office

Find out the possibilities of our Whois Privacy service:

  • Absolute Privacy on a domain Holder data and/or Contact data.
  • Spam and Data Mining Protection through dynamic email redirection.  The system generates a random email address from the domain name such as in the example: All emails received through this email address will be automatically redirected to the Holder and/or Contact real email address.
  • Contact and email Filter: All the faxes and letters that you get will be filtered by our team and only those communications associated to your domain will be sent to you.
  • Activation and Deactivation of your Whois Privacy service so you can see your Holder data through the Public Whois Database whenever you want.

The perfect solution to remain secure and avoid trouble from personal data exposure over the Internet.

Privacy Options

How do you want your Holder data to be shown?

All three (3) proposals enlisted in the following chart fully comply with ICANN Rules & Regulations since they allow an open means of communication both with the domain Holder and the Administrative and Technical Contacts through real and trustworthy data.

NicLine recommends the Whois Privacy service to protect your Identity while being fully compliant with the applicable law.

All records visible and available through the Public Whois Database for all Internet users

Whois Privacy

All records concealed but the Holder's name

From $ 4,29/year

Whois Privacy Complete

All records concealed including the
Holder's name

From $ 5,29/year

Holder Data
Holder Name: Shown Shown Hidden
Holder Organization: Shown Shown Hidden
Holder Email: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder Address: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder City: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder P.O. Box: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder State/Province: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder Country: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder Telephone: Shown Hidden Hidden
Holder Fax: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Data
Contact Name: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Organization: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Email: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Address: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact City: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact P.O. Box: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact State/Province: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Country: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Telephone: Shown Hidden Hidden
Contact Fax: Shown Hidden Hidden

See example

See example

Whois Privacy services are not applicable to all domain extensions.

Check in your Control Panel all the information.

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Whois Privacy

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Whois Privacy Guide

Whois Privacy Guide

Get further information on our Whois Privacy service

Whois Privacy Guide (PDF 156 KB)