NicLine's Registry Service Provider is a complete and versatile service made up of 3 user and administrative levels: RSP, Wholesale and end user.

  • Its tools offer a high level of automation, in both RSP client management and the distributor’s domain portfolio.
  • The personalising options for its tools, WHOIS and system notifications makes the RSP a transparent service with all the guarantees for success in your domain registry business.

Find out all that you can do with our tool

Screenshot of the RSP Control panel

Meet the successful service you can benefit from for your domain registration business.  This is our easy-to-use, transparent tool for domain managing.

  • 100% customized technical, billing management service.
  • Automatic system for the RSP to deal with his clients and the wholesaler to handle his domains.
  • API at no extra cost so that from your own website as a NicLine RSP you will be able to easily run operations ordinarily carried out through the Extranet such as domain registrations.
  • Multi-linguistic tool in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese.
  • Professional Customer support in four (4) different languages.
  • Free Holder Changes
  • Free DNS Management
  • Free Technical Support

Also you will be able to make more money by enlarging your domain portfolio by using these tools:

  • Sedo PayPerClick System (link to Products/Sedo) so you can make money with all of your parked domains.

Domain management: Wholesalers's Extranet

Screenshot of the RSP Control panel
Wholesaler Extranet - Customized Style

For managing their domain portfolio, wholesalers have a Wholesaler’s Extranet that allows them to manage their domain portfolio easily and with complete autonomy.

This tool can be customised with the RSP brand and logo and even includes various functions:

  • Control of CGI accesses: the wholesaler can decide from which IP address their CGI can be accessed, as an additional safety measure.
  • User data management for the wholesaler.
  • Registry filing, changes, renovation, modifications, filters, etc.
  • Management of contacts and owner name change requests.
  • See invoices: invoices emitted by the RSP are automatically generated and the wholesaler can see them at any time.
  • Debit account management: wholesalers can access the transactions made in their account and see the account balance.

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RSP Guide

RSP Guide

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RSP Guide (PDF - 358 KB)