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Now, only for being a NicLine's client you can start gaining money with your parked domains.

NicLine has reached an agreement with Sedo, one of the world major domain name monetization providers, which allows you to:

  • Gain money from your domains without setting up.
  • Increase the possibilities of selling the domains.

How does it work?

Now, only for being a NicLine's client, will have the opportunity to use Sedo PayPerClick system, where you can get more money out of your parked domains.

The PayPerClick system of Sedo, will show on your parked pages, related adverts and you shall receive the commissions of it. You can advertise your own domain too, if you wish to put it up for sale.

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Sedo PPC Guide

Sedo PPC Guide

Learn to get the maximum benefits out of your parked domains with our Sedo PayPerClick guide.

Sedo PPC guide (PDF 210 KB)