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Our RSP service incorporates all the tools that permit you to easily adapt it to the size of your business:

  • Client management: RSP Control Panel
    From your RSP control panel you can create sub-accounts for your clients (distributors) or for yourself (as your own distributor).
  • Domain management: Wholesaler's Extranet
    Your clients will have their own Extranet for managing their domains and an API for automating all processes.
  • The tools can be completely personalised in appearance, price-per-domain and extension.
  • Besides the options in registration, transfer, domain modifying, etc., you have a debit account that you can transfer money to when you want, pay your invoices and control all transactions.

The RSP service does not have any additional costs: all modifications made to your domain, changes in owner and technical support are free of charge.


Become a domain name reseller
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The wholesaler will have their own Extranet and associated CGI set, with direct access to all domain management operations, besides numerous additional functions adapted to the management of large volumes of domains.

  • Data compilation in exportable files.
  • Warning messages for controlling your account balance.
  • Mass domain modifications, etc.

Process automation and service transparency allows you to avoid administrative tasks with your clients (distributors). This is how you can compete in offering the best prices and best service.

A great solution

  • Advantages for you

    • As an RSP

      Start your own distribution business in a few simple steps and enjoy flexible adaptable tools with a transparent service for your clients.

    • As Distributor

      Be a client of your own RSP, and offer your clients domains at the best prices on the market. Our API distributor permits you to automate your domain registry business with no additional costs.

  • Advantages for your clients

    • Wholesalers/Resellers/RSP clients

      Wholesalers, RSP clients, have a totally automated process for you to earn profits from immediately.

    • End users

      End users and wholesale clients can manage their domains easily from their own Control Panel.

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