NicLine works constantly to adapt its services to the client´s demands.

  • Our tools are improved daily to offer new functions, thanks to the collaboration with our clients.

On the other hand, our hope is to facilitate the global management of your business as an ISP.

  • We have developed a collaboration program with the best providers (hosting, server management software, invoicing, etc.), which are added to our services and are integrated into the other business and administrative tasks related to domain sales.

If you think that your technology could generate a productive collaboration with NicLine, favour new opportunities and improve our client services, contact us to establish a future collaboration.

  • Sedo

    NicLine clients can now start to abide themselves with the benefits of the Partnership with Sedo, where they can access and participate in the exciting market of domain/website buying and selling.

    Sedo has been operative for the past six years, handling more than 7,000,000 domains, with a transaction volume of 3 million euros per month. This has made Sedo a major provider of domain monetization in the world, allowing its customers to gain the maximum profit and benefit from their domains.

    The 4 Sedo tools available to NicLine's clients include:

    • Domain Appraisals
    • Brokerage Services
    • Domains on sale Catalogue
    • PPC Parking Program

    More information Visit

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NicLine has various accreditations as a registrar entity, allowing you to manage the main domain extensions without intermediaries, representing 80% of the world registered domains...

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