NicLine: The Company

Nicline. Your way to domain reselling.

NicLine is an ICANN accredited registrar that offers the wholesale domain registration services to ISPs, web design agencies, publicity companies, patent and trademarks agencies, hosting providers and domain sales business in general.

NicLine has been accredited by ICANN as a registrar company since December, 2001.

Since its foundation, NicLine is based on the constant efforts of incorporating the following values to its services:

  • Unbeatable price: Register directly with an accredited registrar company, without intermediaries, along with the automation and trust that allows NicLine to offer the best price on the market. Check the comparison table.
  • Flexibility and adaptable to your needs: Generic brands, simple tools and our own technology. A constant development so that the client can automate its process and easily integrate it in their platforms.
  • Trust: The end users important financial investments can depend on a single domain.  NicLine's history, accreditations, accumulated experience and continual efforts in quality allow it to guarantee a specialised service and trust.
  • Customer service: NicLine is committed to fast and efficient customer service. Its professionals' competence ensures an excellent customer service.

NicLine: Evolution

NicLine is one of the fastest growing registrars in Europe, with over 4000 active Wholesalers, more than 370,000 registered domains with clients in nearly 90 countries.

Year Domains
2001 45000
2002 68000
2003 85000
2004 130000
2005 180000
2006 260000
2007 330000
2008 370000



Unveil some of the characteristics which have converted NicLine in one of the reference companies in the domain industry.

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Accreditations Registrar accreditations.

NicLine has various accreditations as a registrar entity, allowing you to manage the main domain extensions without intermediaries, representing 80% of the world registered domains...

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