NicLine is accredited by ICANN as a domain name registrar. ICANN is the authority of the global Internet coordination: assigning domains, IP address and DNS Root servers.

  • Verisign

    VeriSign, Inc. This is the entity that manages the global domain database (Registry) for .com and .net, with around 88 million domains and more than 900 accredited registrars.
  • NeuLevel

    NeuLevel, Inc. Domain registrar for .biz, .us and .cn, extensions that have recently become popular.
  • PIR

    Public Interest Registry (PIR). Registry of the .org extensión since 31 December, 2002. Before, they were managed by VeriSign.
  • Global Domains International

    Global Domains International, Inc. (GDI), domain Registry for .WS (Website) has popularised it as a generic extension from the territory of Western Samoa.
  • Afilias

    Afilias Global Registry Services is the domain Registry for .info, one of the most popular generic extensions.
  • EURid

    EURid is the agency entrusted by the European Union to manage the .eu extension.

  • mTLD Top Level Domain, LTD. (DotMobi)

    DotMobi (mTLD Top Level Domain, LTD) was designated by ICANN as the Registry of the Sponsored Top Level Domain .mobi which is dedicated to guarantee the accessibility of your web site from any mobile device.

  • is the public business entity of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade responsible for managing the .es domain extension, one of Europe´s fastest growing cTLDs.

    Association Française pour le Nommage Internet en Cooperátion (AFNIC) is a non-profit organization, Registry for .fr domain names (France).

  • is a non-profit organization, entrusted with the registration and management of the .be extension, national domain name of Belgium.

  • Fundació puntCAT

    Fundació puntCAT is a non-profit foundation responsible for establishing registration requirements and managemant for the .cat domain extension.
  • TelNic

    Incorporated back in 2000 TelNic is the Registry Operator and Sponsoring Organization for .tel, the only domain extension capable of storing contact information like email, web, telephone, skype, VoIP,… right into the DNS.

  • Nic.MX

    Registry .MX, is the division of NIC Mexico that manage the ccTLD .MX domain name.

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