Abuse Reporting and Complaints for individuals

If you wish to report a case of abuse in connection with the use of a domain registered through nicline.com, such as SPAM, phishing, malware or use of the domain for any other type of activity that could be considered illegal or fraudulent, please report it to:


  • Type of abuse detected (SPAM, phishing, malware...)
  • Domain name or URL.

Abuse and Complaint Reporting for Authorities

If you are a law enforcement agencies (LEA), you can contact us at:

To facilitate case management, please provide as much information as possible:

  • Type of abuse detected (SPAM, phishing, malware...)
  • Name of the domain or URL.
  • Detailed information of the authority making the request.
  • An official contact email address and phone number to handle the case.

Follow-up of your abuse case

Each abuse case will be evaluated by Nicline staff and, if there is a reasonable basis, it will be assigned a case identifier that will be included in all communications.

For cross-checking purposes, our agents may contact you to request additional information. You should always reply with the case number for proper follow-up.

If no additional information is needed to determine the validity of the information received, you will not receive any communication from us.

Once we have verified the veracity of the reported abuse, we will take all measures within our means, and the complainant will be informed.

Data processing

The information provided will be handled in accordance with our Data Protection Policy and will be used exclusively for the management of the case.

Contracts related to abuse policy

Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy

Rules for Uniform Domain Name Dispute. Resolution Policy

Data Protection Policy